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Chalk‐It‐Up North Ogden 2022 Artists

• All artists must be registered to participate in the chalk festival. Payment must accompany registration.


• Artist will be assigned their black top square at the check in table.


• Artists must be finished by 5 PM, Saturday evening for judging.


• Artists’ spaces will be approximately 5 ft. X 5 ft.


• Artists are encouraged to use all of the assigned space.


• ONE box of 24 count Pastel Chalk will be provided per registered Artist.


Additional chalk will be available at the registration area for a fee.


• If you need additional colors, you may share or exchange chalk with other artists.


• You may also purchase or use your own chalk, but it MUST be water‐based.


• Only CHALK can be used for drawings ‐ no paint, crayon, ink or other non‐washable permanent products.


• No fixatives may be used on the chalk drawings. 


• Chalk art is only to be produced in designated and assigned areas.


• It is required that artists produce a paper copy of their art for approval prior to the event.


• Only chalk will be used on the asphalt surface.  NO fixatives, NO oil pastels, No chalk paint, and No spray paints.  (Judging deductions can apply to these guidelines).  Artist may be responsible for clean‐up and cost incurred if these rules are not followed.  


• The Chalk art must be family‐friendly, nonpolitical, nonviolent, and advertisement free. Just a Break from cancer foundation has the right to remove any art that does not comply with these guidelines. (no nude or lewd work)


• Please respect the other artists who are working near you. Do not walk on his or her paintings or have open beverage containers, which could spill and destroy someone’s artwork.


• Please keep your supplies and space organize out of respect for other artist.


• The event will go on rain or shine. The artists are responsible for protecting their chalk art. Plastic drapes, tape, umbrellas

can be used as needed.


• No stereos allowed, however you may wear portable headsets.


• Keep your pets at home.


• Your chalk art must only include chalk; any non‐chalk props will exclude art from judging.


• This is a smoke free Chalk Art Festival.

Artist Tips – The following tips are suggestions to help you: Selecting Your Image


• Give credit where credit is due.  If reproducing an image originally created by another artist (living or deceased), it is important to credit the original artist and the title at the base of your art work.

• Many artists use a grid system to produce their art work.  Put a grid over a copy of your art work.  Then use carpenter’s chalk to make a grid on the asphalt.


Suggested Supplies


• Wisk boom or brush for cleaning the drawing surface. Do not blow the dust particles.


• Bring something comfortable to kneel on soft towel, gardener’s pad, or knee pads.


• A chalkboard eraser, foam, terry cloth or short cut brushes for blending larger areas of color.


• Water and a cloth or sponge to erase unwanted parts of your design.

• Masking tape.

• Bring gloves protect your fingers and assist in blending colors.

• Sunscreen, sunglasses, shade tent, or a hat.

• Camera


In Case of Rain – Event will go on Rain or Shine!


It is recommended that artists cover their drawings with clear plastic in the event of light rain. It will be the responsibility of the artists to cover his or her own drawings with the sheets and weigh it down. Only in case of severe weather, the festival may be cancelled – unfortunately no refunds will be issued.

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