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JUST-a-BREAK started as an idea by Greg Thorpe in Ogden, Utah. While caring for his wife Jen (a stage IV colon cancer patient), he realized how difficult the journey was- not only for the patient but also for the caregiver and entire family. He felt the toll it took on them financially and emotionally. His passion and desire to help and serve others led him to the idea to have the local community come together and help give Just a Break from cancer packages to those with advanced stage cancer.


After discussing the project with chemo nurses and social workers at three local hospitals – With their encouragement and support, he knew that this non-profit organization needed to be formed and that it would bless lives and help many in “desperate” situations to Just take a Break and to “forget about Cancer” for a few hours, or a couple days.


JUST-a-BREAK is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that is completely volunteered staffed and funded exclusively from generous donations by local businesses and individuals to provide local cancer patients just a break.

Currently we are only operating in Pocatello, ID, the Ogden, St. George and Salt Lake City areas, and we are expanding soon to Logan and Provo as well as to Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and Las Vegas areas.


Please contact us If you would like to help start a new group, volunteer your time, or be a donor.

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